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Ancillary Administration is defined under Section 734.102, Florida Statutes:

If a nonresident of this state dies leaving assets in this state, credits due from residents in this state, or liens on property in this state, a personal representative specifically designated in the decedent’s will to administer the Florida property shall be entitled to have ancillary letters issued, if qualified to act in Florida.

When is Florida Probate Ancillary Administration Necessary?

Ancillary Administration in Florida probate courts is necessary when the deceased person left property within the State of Florida. In most cases this typically might involve real estate.

Ancillary Administration is needed for nonresidents of Florida. As you may already know, a lot of people from other States invest in Florida real estate for vacation or rental purposes.

Cost of Probate in Florida for Ancillary Administration

The cost of the ancillary administration will vary depending on the assets under the Florida ancillary administration. In Miami-Dade County Probate Court, the cost of opening the ancillary administration is $406. Other cost in the probate administration include $100 for a Notice to Creditors in the County where the person held the assets.

Additional cost include mailing of documents and notices to the beneficiaries, assuming that they do not sign waivers and consents of the administration and the petitions being filed.

All in all you are probably looking to spend anywhere from $600-$1000 dollars in an ancillary administration that is uncontested and no major issues arise.

The next major cost in the probate administration includes attorney’s fees and cost, which I will cover next. 

Cost of Miami Probate Attorney Fee for Ancillary Administration

There are two basic models for a Miami probate attorney to charge his or her attorney’s fees: Flat Fee or Hourly.

Flat Fee Probate Attorney Services

When quoting a flat fee, the probate attorney will first examine the complexity of the ancillary administration. Factors that probate attorneys examine in order to quote a flat fee include:

  • value of the probate assets;
  • quantity of the probate assets;
  • amount of beneficiaries;
  • whether the beneficiaries are in agreement;
  • creditors of the deceased person;
  • sale of the probate property; and
  • administration of the Probate assets during the Probate Process.

Hourly Fee for Probate Attorney Services in Ancillary Administration

Most Miami probate attorney charge between $250 an hour to $450 an hour depending on the experience of the probate attorney.

Ancillary Administration is conducted similarly to a formal administration and all the Florida probate rules apply. Therefore, in terms of attorney costs, the ancillary administration will mimic a formal administration.

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