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In Florida probate, beneficiaries have certain rights in the probate administration. At the onset, beneficiaries have the rights to notice of the administration.

Under Section 733.604, Florida Statutes, a beneficiary is also entitled to receive a copy of the Inventory of the estate.

The personal representative appointed has certain duties as to beneficiaries of the estate.  As a beneficiary, it is important to obtain legal representation to oversee the acts of the personal representative. If there is conflict between the personal representative and the beneficiaries of the estate, it is wise to involve a probate attorney to make sure all your beneficiaries rights are protected.


Reasons to have a Probate Attorney Represent you as a Probate beneficiary?

Florida probate administration is a formal process with deadlines that must be met. Having an experience probate attorney that can advise you as to your right as a beneficiary and the deadlines of the probate administration can be very valuable.

A probate attorney representing a beneficiary can insure that the probate administration is administered in a timely and efficient matter. 

In addition, the probate attorney can timely object to creditor claims should the personal representative fail to do so.

Finally, the probate attorney can make sure that the personal representative is doing its duties and does not breach any fiduciary duties as to the beneficiaries or the estate.

Cost of Miami Probate Attorney Fee for Beneficiary Representation

Most Miami probate attorney charge between $250 an hour to $450 an hour depending on the experience of the probate attorney for probate beneficiary representation.

The time involved in the case can be minimal or extensive depending on the beneficiaries. I have had cases where all I need to do is to oversee the documents being filed while other cases where the beneficiaries are more involved due to lack of trust with the personal representative.

The one thing most people need to understand that the Florida probate administration is not in nature confrontational unless the personal representative is removed or the will is contested. 

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