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Miami business lawyer Alain Roman assists individuals to set up businesses in the State of Florida. Equipped with a Masters in Tax from the University of New York, he can not only recommend you the best entity for legal purposes but also for tax purposes.

Miami Business Law Services

Business Formation Florida

One of the most important questions when starting any business is to decide on the type of business entity to run your business. As a Miami business lawyer, I analyse your situation to make sure I provide you the best possible choices for legal and tax purposes.

There is not one entity for all. Although Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) have become increasingly popular due to their flexibility, sometimes other entities might be better suited for your situation.

Company Agreements Florida

Company agreements are crucial for the success of any business. As a Miami business lawyer, I can tell you that it is extremely important to have company documents in the event of any disputes or issues arising with creditors.

Company agreements are particularly important when dealing with multiple owners. At the beginning you are probably in agreement with all your partners, however, as time goes on, you may not be as happy on how the business is being handled. This is why having company agreements is so important, to outline what is going to happen in the event of a disagreement.

Legal Contracts Florida

We assist business owners in reviewing and creating their legal contracts. Having a strong legal contract to run your business can give you an advantage if any legal dispute where to arise.

As a Miami business lawyer, I can tell you that your first line of protection is your contract. Having a strong drafted contract will repel potential litigants. A properly drafted legal contract is one that is easily understood, not ambiguous, and has all the required provisions for the type of contract that you are entering into.

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If you are just starting your business or if you are in business already, then we want to help you succeed. From our experience, many small business owners fail to obtain legal advice at the inception, to later spend more money when disputes arrive.

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