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Hialeah City Hall
Hialeah City Hall

Hialeah Estate Planning Attorney

Hialeah estate planning attorney Alain Roman knows and understands very well the City of Hialeah. Being from Cuban decent, attorney Alain Roman came from Cuba at the early age of 12 years old and called Hialeah its Home. 

Hialeah estate planning attorney Alain Roman attended Hialeah Middle and Hialeah Senior High School and he is a proud thoroughbred.

The city has an elder population that have worked very hard to own and pay their homes. Estate planning attorney Alain Roman takes a lot of joy helping the elder community of Hialeah to make sure that their estate plans are set up correctly.

Hialeah estate planning attorney Alain Roman is fluent in both English and Spanish, and even Cuban. 

Many individuals that pass away in Hialeah have families in other countries, specially Cuba. Alain Roman understands how difficult this situation as he also has family in Cuba. We help personal representatives and beneficiaries living abroad to inherit assets left by their families.

Being that The Law Office of Alain Roman, PLLC is located in the City of Doral, which is just a few minutes away from the City of Hialeah, it is only natural that many of our clients come from the City of Hialeah. 

Hialeah’s population has over 237,000 and many are unrepresented. Although the city has many high-valued properties, a lot of its citizens don’t have the means to hire an attorney. This is one of the reasons why that The Law Office of Alain Roman, PLLC tries to be accessible to those individuals and provide them with reasonable attorney fees because everyone deserves to speak to an attorney and protect their family.

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