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Miami Estate Planning Lawyer

The City of Miami is the capital of Latin America. Many foreign investors come from all parts of Latin America to invest their hard earned money here in Miami. The Law Office of Alain Roman, PLLC assists foreign investors to structure businesses in the City of Miami with a focus on estate planning, probate, asset protection, and reduction of taxes.

Miami has a diverse population, over 463,000 call Miami their home.

The one thing that is very important for the individuals and business owners living in this city is asset protection. Miami Estate planning lawyer Alain Roman focuses on protecting individuals and business owners against the unexpected.

Miami estate planning lawyer Alain Roman works closely with financial advisors, accountants, realtors, and insurance professionals to make sure that his clients are covered in all aspects of their lives.

With so many individuals living in Miami, the death or incapacity of a friend or loved one is only inevitable. The Law Office of Alain Roman, PLLC also focuses on Probate Administration.

We help beneficiaries and personal representatives throughout Miami administer the estates of their loved ones. You will need an experienced Miami probate attorney to file an administration with Miami-Dade County Probate Court.

Do not let the fear of hiring an attorney stop you from contacting Miami estate planning and probate lawyer Alain Roman. We offer many types of fee arrangements to accommodate your needs, the last thing we want is someone to go unrepresented.

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