Estate planning involves the ultimate disposition of your assets after death. When you think estate planning you probably only think of Wills & Trusts, but estate planning encompasses other areas of the law like advanced directives, special needs planning, and asset protection planning.

As an estate planning attorney, my goal is to make sure that your wishes and intent are followed, whether in incapacity or death. My second goal is to make sure that your assets are protected at all times so it passes to your intended beneficiaries.

Miami Estate Planning Services

Wills and Living Trusts

A last will and testament (“Will”) is a legal document that allows you to designate who will be your beneficiaries upon your death. A Will also allows you to designate the guardians of your children . . . Read More

Advanced Directives

When I talk about “Advanced Directives,” I typically refer to Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate, Living Wills, and HIPAA Authorization. The purpose of these documents is have someone you trust step in your shoes . . . Read More

Special Needs Planning

Special Needs planning is typically done for an individual with a disability. The reason why it is so important to do Special Needs Planning is to provide for the disabled person and to make sure that they do not lose their governmental benefits . . . Read More

Asset Protection Planning

Florida is a debtor friendly State. It is impossible to provide estate planning services without covering asset protection strategies . . . Read More