Miami Probate Attorney

My primary goal as a Miami estate planning attorney is to prepare an estate plan that prevents unnecessary court involvement. However, for those of you who have not prepared an estate plan necessary to avoid Florida probate court, our firm is here to assist you in the probate administration of your loved one.

As a Miami probate attorney, it is my job to assist the personal representative or the petitioner in the probate court to an efficient resolution. This is not always the case as the probate administration can be lengthy and cumbersome, but with the right processes in place, the probate probate administration can be simplified and  concluded efficiently. 

Miami Probate and Trust Administration Services

Formal Administration Florida

Formal Administration in Florida is typically needed when the assets of the deceased persons are in excess of $75,000 and the person has been deceased for less than two years . . . Read More

Summary Administration Florida

Summary Administration in Florida probate can be done if the person has been deceased for over two years or if the assets are less than $75,000 . . . Read More

Ancillary Administration Florida

Ancillary Administration in Florida probate courts is necessary when the deceased person left property within the State of Florida and he or she is not a resident of Florida . . . Read More

Beneficiary Rights Representation Florida

In Florida probate, beneficiaries have certain rights in the probate administration. At the onset, beneficiaries have the rights to notice of the administration . . . Read More