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I am client focused

From the first interaction with my office, myself and my staff will make you feel like you are part of the family. I care about the issues that are affecting your life. I make it my priority to make myself accessible to you at all times, whether in person, by phone, or by email. An estate planning attorney should be there when you need him the most. 


I use technology in all areas of my estate planning practice. Technology allows me to be more efficient with your case, which in turn reduces costs and the time spent producing documents.

Second, technology allows me to stay organized. This means that I can keep track of where your matter is at all times.

Finally, technology allows me to stay connected with you, whether through a phone call, email, or other method of communication. As a Miami estate planning attorney, I understand that your privacy is of the utmost importance and I want to make sure that your information is always kept secured.

an estate planning attorney takes care of your case from beginning to end

When you hire my office, I understand that you want the highest level of professionalism and work product. I take pride in the work that I do, constantly learning and developing new estate planning and asset protection strategies to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

no hidden fees

I understand that the decision to hire an estate planning attorney is a difficult one. Specially since the subject matter can be sensitive and emotional.

Rest assured that I am always transparent with my fees. I attempt to provide you an estimate of the fees and costs you will incur throughout my representation. I offer both flat fees and hourly billing and accept all major credit cards.

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why consult with an estate planning attorney

Estate planning is not only for the wealthy, everyone benefits from having a consultation with an estate planning attorney. Estate planning has many different purposes depending on your objectives and goals. 

An estate planning attorney can help you set up your affairs in a way so that your wealth is transferred to your desired beneficiaries in a way that avoids Florida probate court, protects your assets against unwanted creditors, and provides you the most control of disposition after you are no longer with us. 

The one thing most people don’t foresee is that it is more expensive to not have an estate plan. As a Miami probate attorney, I can tell you that is far more costly to your estate and your beneficiaries when you don’t have an estate plan in place. Most Miami probate lawyers charge either a percentage of your assets or an hourly fee to help you with the Florida probate administration.

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